It all started with a heart. On March 30, 2017, Javaris "Vari" Benson suffered a SCA, (sudden cardiac arrest), while playing a game of pick up basketball on campus with a group of friends.  Being a lifelong athlete and only 21 years old; Vari's death was a shock to his family, friends, classmates, & community.  Javaris and his brother, Jacory, having been inspired by their families experience with Jacory's learning disability, had been working on the development of a community based program at would assist young athletes and youth with learning disabilities to assist them with thriving within the educational system.  

Though our family initially put those plans on hold, we decided not to mourn Vari's death, but rather to celebrate his life and legacy, by committing to serving the youth and families within our community by providing the acadmic support and services that were initially planned.  NOLA-No Other Life Affected, was the idea of two brothers who wanted to ensure the success of other local youth and has now expanded to assist families in understanding and addressing overall health awareness. 

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

Our Mission

Creating positive impact for children by empowering families, through education and health awareness. 


Our Vision

Our vision is a South Carolina where no other life is affected by lack of education, awareness, or access to services; thereby, becoming a state that is known for excellence in academics and health outcomes for all its citizens. 

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To improve South Carolina's educational and health outcomes; as well as increase housing stability for all families. 


To empower children and parents to advocate for themselves and their families by providing the information and support.


To decrease the occurrence of  ACES amongst South Carolina's children and improve the resilience of individuals and families by creating  connections  and communication within communities, to build safety  and increase  the success  of  all children within our state.


Diversity & Inclusion

We understand the importance  of representation and respect; therefore we honor and embrace the diverse cultures, skills, experiences, and  perceptions of our community, staff, individuals, and  families which we serve


Our commitment to impact is best served by embracing evidence based programs, as well as implementation of new ideas and services to create  measurable, positive change within South Carolina


We are committed to creating a culture  of honesty and transparency in our organizations decision making, programming, and financial practices.

The NOLA Network

The NOLA Network is committed to improving the educational & health outcomes, for every child in our great state.

Email: info.thenolanetwork.org.com


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