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Want to assist us, as we work to craft change & engineer equity for all children and families?  Join our network of friends & get involved TODAY!

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Help us Cultivate Change

Alone we can do so little, but together, we can do so much!  Learn more about our programs and how you can get involved with one of our many local or nationwide projects.  

We also provide training, workshops, & curriculum to support change on a national and global scale.  If you or someone you know would benefit from more information or to attend one of our many events, trainings, or workshops, please follow the link below or contact us for more information.

We know that we cannot complete our mission without the generous donations of individuals like you!  We ask that all our friends join the network of change by giving in one of three ways.  Your time, your talents, or your treasures.  If you'd like to 

Learn More about our Health Programs 

Engineering Health Equity

We've worked tirelessly to launch initatives and programs that will enhance & support the overall health of children & families.  Find out more about our collaborations, initiatives, & projects that are helping to save lifes & support overall health within our community and beyond.  

Learn More about our Education Initatives

Learn more about our Workshops & Training events

Engaging in Equitable Education

We offer several direct services within our local community and conduct trainings for those throughout the country, to enhance their efforts to create a more culturally responsive environment and to bridge communication gaps between families, communities, & educators.  

Elevating Awareness & Cultivating Change

We've created several unique trainings & workshops that we offer for families, organizations, & communities.  We also have a team of equity engineers that will come out & speak to you and your organization about ways to create more culturally responsive care & education.  


Thank you in your interest in our organization & your desire to support our mission.  To join our network of change makers, please fill out the information below.  Your information will never be shared with anyone outside of our agency.  

How can you help?

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