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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention

SCAPP is a unique, comprehensive project aimed in addressing the epidemic of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth.

Every year, schools throughout the United States are mandated to conduct fire & safety drills to prepare students and faculty to respond to a fire. These trainings were created to save lives. The data shows that there has not been a single student death due to school fire since 1958. Now compare that data to that of young adults and children who die daily of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a fire that has been left to burn, unchecked, and it is time we put it out!

Everyday, in the United States approximately 20 children and young adults suffer a Sudden Cardiac Death. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of death on school campuses and yet, if you ask most children and families, they do not know what it is. That's why we have collaborated with a Network of Universities, Medical professionals, facilities, & other community serving non-profits, to end this epidemic and save lives.

At our core, we believe that advocacy, awareness, & education can lower the incidence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and ultimately save lives. To do this, we created the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Project, (SCAPP). Through SCAPP, we work with schools, recreation departments, and youth serving agencies to provide Cardiac Emergency Preparedness Certification, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Training, & collaborate with medical professionals & Who We Play For, to provide preventative cardiac screenings.

Project Numbers


Number of children who die annually from sudden cardiac arrest


number of children who die daily in the US from sudden cardiac arrest

1 in 300

Number of youth who have an undiagnosed heart condition that could lead to SCA

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