Academic Support & Services

Our network includes individuals and organizations who are committed to assisting youth reach their full learning potential and in assisting parents in understanding and navigating the educational to best support their children.  To learn more about these services, please click the link below. 

Health Awareness & Education

Our organization works with several healthcare agencies, providers, and workers to conduct community and agency trainings, workshops, and events to ensure that indivduals and families have the information they need to best advocate and support themselves and their families overall health. 

Creative Enrichement Opportunities

Our organization has partnered with several amazing writers, actors, and artists to offer workshops, classes, and camps for children and youth.  We know that exposure and participation in creative arts is so important; however we realize that not all children and families have the access or means to participate in these activities.  The NOLA Network is working to ensure that all children within our community has the opportunity and access to explore creative pursuits.

Groups, Workshops, & Trainings

The NOLA Network, in collaboration with several community partners and agencies, offers a variety of  trainings, workshops, and groups to support and educate children, young adults, parents, caregivers, organizations, and the broader community as well.  For more information about these services or to request a representative from the NOLA Network conduct a training for you or your organization, please click the link below.

The NOLA Network

The NOLA Network is committed to improving the educational & health outcomes, for every child in our great state.



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