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Alone, we can only do so much, which is why we've created an amazing network of individuals & organizations who support our programs & initiatives.  


Our Network Partners.

Health Programs

Education Programs

Our Health Program was developed to create more equitable solutions within the landscape of healthcare. To accomplish this, we work with individuals & organizations to assist families in advocating for themselves, create awareness about issues & disparities to close gaps in care.  We connect families to services & create projects that increase service delivery & provide education to future clinicians, to increase culturally competent care.  

Our Educational Equity Program was developed to create more equitable solutions within the our educational systems.  To accomplish this, we work with individuals & organizations to assist students & families in advocacy.  We provide direct services, which increase resiliency, academic performance, & supports inclusive educational services.  We provide education that increases culturally responsive communication that assist educators with effectively working with parents & children to assist them with reaching their full educational potential.  


Advocacy is the cornerstone of our program.  We have created programs to assist with self advocacy & also offer services to affectively advocate for families to create health & educational equity


We are committed in creating and maintaining a culture of honesty and  transparency within our organizations  

programming, decision making, and financial practices, as we serve our community and beyond. 


We recognize that without awareness, there will be no change.  That's why we work diligently to create awareness for issues, support policy change, & increase sustainable solutions.  


We understand the importance of representation & respect; therefore we honor the diverse  cultures, skills, experiences,  experiences, & perspectives of our staff, individuals we meet, & communities that we serve.


Lack of access to services is as great of a barrier to achieving your best health & education, as lack of awareness.  We work to improve the access to services for individuals, families, & entire communit


We deemed ourselves a Network, because from the beginning, we new that we were just a piece of the puzzle.  We collaborate with individuals & organizations to improve community access to services. 


People only know what they know.  That's why we provide education to the service providers, as well as the community, so that they they can apply this knowledge & become part of the solution.  


Our commitment to impact is best served by embracing evidence based programs, as well as implementation of new ideas and services to create measurable, positive change and progress towards equity for all children and families. 

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