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Collecting Donations

Fundraise for the NOLA Network

Fundraise for NOLA Network

Our many successes would not have been accomplished without the generosity and support of our network.  By hosting a fundraiser of your own, you can not only help us raise funds, but also spread awareness about our mission and encourage others to get involved. Whether it's a bake sale, a benefit concert, or a charity auction, the possibilities are endless. Contact us today and let's work together to make a difference!

How to Get Started

The NOLA Network is dedicated to building a strong, supportive community by bringing together individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact. To maintain consistency and ensure the best possible outcome, we have established detailed fundraising guidelines that all event hosts must follow. These guidelines are designed to promote safety, transparency, and a positive experience for both our guests and our hosts. Before submitting your fundraiser proposal, please review our guidelines carefully.

How to Get Started

We've created a quick and easy process.  Simply fill out the form below and press "Submit." A staff member from NOLA Network's Development team will review your fundraiser and contact you within five business days.  

Thank You! 

We would like to thank our network of supporters who donate their time and talents to hosting fundraising initiatives.  A member of our development team will work with you and provide as much assistance as they can.  

Fundraising Guidlines

  1. Prior Approval: Any fundraising event or project benefiting the NOLA Network must receive advance approval.  A member of our development team will contact you with approval after your proposal is accepted. 

  2. The NOLA Network is the beneficiary of your fundraiser, not its sponsor.

  3. Financial Risk: Your fundraiser must be financially self-sustaining, without contribution from or financial risk to the NOLA Network

  4. Alcohol: If alcohol is present at your fundraiser, the NOLA Network requires proof of age and accompanying signage be posted.

  5. Legal Obligations: You are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licenses, insurance, and permission from local authorities. The NOLA Network is not liable for any injuries sustained by volunteers or participants related to your fundraiser. The NOLA Network cannot assume any type of liability for your fundraiser.

  6. No Tax Advice: Please refrain from providing tax advice to event/project contributors.

  7. Rights Reserved: NOLA Network reserves the right to cancel a fundraiser at any time if it is determined that the project does not honor our mission, vision, or guiding principles.

Let’s Work Together

Fundraising Proposal

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Fundraising Proposal

Please fill out the following form.  We thank you for your interest in fundraising for the NOLA Network!

Thanks for submitting!

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