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Providing Everything You Need

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CPR & AED Trainings or Certifications

We offer CPR & AED trainings for students in South Carolina, North Carolina, & Eastern Georgia.  We also partner with CPR training centers to offer CPR & AED certifications in English & Spanish.  To request more information &/or to set up a training or class 

Heart Screenings

We offer low cost, preventative heart screenings to students attending middle school, high school, & college.  These are NOT limited to athletes.  For more information or to set up a screening in your community contact us today! We also offer community screenings to families.  For more information or to set up a screening in your area, reach out to us!

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Cardiac Emergency Response Plans

We work with youth servicing organizations, school districts, & businesses to create comprehensive cardiac emergency response plans.  We also work with schools and athletic organizations to provide cardiac emergency drills.  For more information about this service, contact us today! 

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