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To ensure that no other life is affected by the  education or healthcare systems, we formed a network of organizations to bridge the gap between community and services.  Our mission is to create equitable health & education for all children and families, by providing advocacy, awareness, & increasing access to services.  Join the fight!  

Leading the Way towards

Equity in Health & Education 

About Our Network

We decided to turn our pain into purpose & leverage our experience into equity to advance the health & education of all.  If you're interested in learning more about our programs, projects, & initiatives, click the link below. 

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How You Can Help

We have several health & educational initiatives and upcoming events & programs that need your support.  



Alone, we can do so little; but, together, we can do so much!  Learn how you can help us in our fight to create equitable health & education for all children and families. 

All the Latest Updates

Our network stays hard at work.  Check out our latest news, updates, & information.

Get to Know Us

Get to know us, our board, & our network of community partners.

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